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LRXPlus Series

The LRX Plus Series motorised test stand is ideal for material testing applications with capacities up to 5kN (1100 lbf). Ideal for complex testing applications and testing high elongation materials.

The LRX Plus features a single column with a crosshead travel range of 735 mm (29 inches). The LRX Plus features an integral control console with membrane multi-function key pad and easy to read back-lit LCD display.

The system is capable of storing up to 600 test results from a choice of 10 programmable test set-ups. Test parameters are entered using the keypad in a sequential menu driven format, or externally with a personal computer and the optional NEXYGEN™ data analysis software.

RS232 serial data communications are standard. A range of highly accurate, interchangeable load cells are available for tension, compression and cycling through zero force measurements. A wide assortment of grips and fixtures are available to support virtually any type of test.





5kN, 1100lbf

Simple set-up, operation and maintainance
Constant Load Holding
Data Sampling Rate 1000 Hz
Load Rate Control
Preloading of samples and cycling to load or extension limits
Multi-Stage Testing with NEXYGEN
Extension resolution better than 0.1 microns
Multi lingual, Multi unit display options
Full PC integration
Wide selection of load cells, grips, jigs and accessories



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