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SP Series (Servo Pneumatic System)

The SP Series servo pneumatic testing machines offer highly efficient, rapid and reliable testing and is ideally suited to laboratory, production or clinical environments where efforts to restrict noise and contamination levels are paramount. Three different capacities are available and each is available with either a 50mm (2 ") stroke or 100mm (4 ") stroke.

Ideal for investigating the fatigue properties of a sample when applying cyclic loading, these systems are capable of performing rigorous fatigue tests at up to 40 Hz at 2 kN (450 lbf), 10 Hz at 10 kN (2248 lbf). The machine consists of a sliding, fully adjustable crosshead which is clamped by pinch bolts to twin chromed solid steel columns.

A servo pneumatic actuator is mounted to the cross head. A specially designed loadcell may be fixed to either the base or the crosshead. The system is controlled by a personal computer (not included), and specialist MICROSOFT WINDOWS compatible application testing software.





SP-2 2kN, 450 lbf
SP-5 5kN, 1124 lbf
SP-10 10kN, 2248 lbf

Efficient, responsive servo grade pneumatic actuator, runs from filtered workshop or bottled air supply
10 kN Frame with twin solid steel, chromed columns designed for tension, compression and flexure tests
Fatigue rated loadcell with side load and torque resistance
Integral loadcell amplifier with high signal to noise ratio
Integral displacement transducer working directly on rear end of actuator rod
Digital controller with an embedded RISC processor providing operational stability
Safety features including crosshead stopping collar, optional splinter shield and emergency isolator switch
Extensive range of grips and fixtures
Full Computer integration with WINDOWS compatible control and data acquisition software



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