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TAPlus Series

The TAPlus series machine is an easy to use solution for performing rapid, detailed texture analysis tests on applications up to 102 kgf (1 kN, 225 lbf). The machine uses interchangeable XLC Series loadcells as the measurement device. Tension and compression testing with cycling to load and extension limits are standard features. The machine can be equipped with a selection of specially engineered food texture grips, jigs and probes, as well as a range of multi-purpose grips for more general applications.

The TAPlus features an innovative design that maximises working space and simplifies operation and maintenance. The large work surface accommodates a broad range of specimen sizes and can be specified with additional work platforms for specialised applications.

The TAPlus displays load and extension information on a highly legible LCD console with integral membrane keypad. The machine's intuitive firmware displays prompts and menus which guide an authorised user through machine operations. Users can choose from a range of display languages.

The machine's performance can be further enhanced when combined with our NEXYGEN MT application software. NEXYGEN MT software contains an extensive library of pre-programmed texture analysis test setups based around international standards. Results data can be extensively manipulated to produce detailed analytical reports, with the ability to integrate with popular WINDOWS software packages including EXCEL, ACCESS, WORD, POWERPOINT and OUTLOOK.





1kN, 225 lbf

Large working area
- Flexible work surface configurations
- 175mm (6.9 in) throat for large specimens
Flexible and accurate load measurements
- XLC Series loadcells
Intuitive operator interface
- Menu driven intelligent prompts
- Membrane keypad with tactile feedback
- Highly legible, backlit LCD display
Integral cabling
Motor servo control system
Flash memory upgradeable
Full PC integration with NEXYGEN FM software
Load rate control
Constant load holding



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