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Automatic calibration software with built-in scheduler and documentation features

JOFRACAL temperature calibration software ensures easy calibration of RTDs, thermocouples, transmitters and thermo-swithes. JOFRACAL software has been developed not only for use with the well- known JOFRA temperature dry-block calibrators; it also functions as a stand-alone product and may be used in combination with the JOFRA DTI-1000 reference thermometer and the JOFRA ASC300 signal calibrator.

AMETEK Calibration Instruments has announced Version 4.0 of its popular JOFRACAL documenting calibration software for calibration of sensors using
a PC. You can now use JOFRACAL with JOFRA Temperature Calibrators or Pressure calibrators. For more info please read the JOFRACAL v4.0 announcement.


JOFRACAL software presents the means for an entirely automatic calibration of sensors and a semi-automatic calibration of the complete process loop through the use of a PC. The software provides the comparison between the process readout value and the reference value; a measurement that is typically required within ISO9000, GMP, or HACCP systems. Additionally, this evaluation may be performed on-site without electrical interruption of the loop.

A variety of screens present the user with information in an easy-to-read format. This provides the technician with an optimal overview to allow for setting up the calibration procedure as well as in performing the calibration. Furthermore, JOFRACAL also includes facilities for generation and printing of detailed certificates.

This feature even provides tools which allow you to customize the certificate content and format to comply with accepted norms and standards including: company-specific information, numbering, and terminology. We have also designed functions to permit the incorporation of specific requirements from your ISO program so that the documentation may be a direct part of your existing quality system.


3 examples of scenarios (setups)

Manual temperature calibration

You are not limited only to use equipment with an RS232 communication port. The JOFRACAL software can be set up to accept manual entries of calibration data. You can also do an on-site calibration with your manual calibrators and key in the data when you are back in the workshop. Just select manual reading when in the scenario. This feature gives you the same look and storage of all your temperature calibrations.


Fully automatic temperature calibration
To show the flexibility of the JOFRACAL, this scenario uses the DTI-1000 as an external reference and the ATC input for the sensor-under-test. The calibration is performed on-line.


Fully automatic stand-alone temperature calibration
A JOFRA ATC temperature calibrator as heating source. Complete calibration procedure has been downloaded to the dry-block. Once all of the calibrations are completed, the data may be up-loaded to the JOFRACAL software for post-processing and printing of certifcates.




PRODUCT INFORMATION (Specification sheets)
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JOFRACAL Software - - - - Specification sheet in English



User Manual JOFRACAL calibration software


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