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Nana Mantey - Force Measurement Specialist

Nana Mantey
Quality Coordinator

With an Electronics background Nana commenced his career with DMM in 2006.

In 2007 he was successful in completing the ASQ Certified Calibration Technician in first attempt. He underwent extensive training at Lloyd Instruments, England, and Ametek, Florida in 2007 and is our authorized rep to do repair and calibration of Force Gauges, Load Cells, Test Stands and material testing machines.

His responsibilities include working as a Calibration Technician and as our Force Specialist.

Nana's other interests include community service, movies, and running.

American Society for Quality

Lloyd Instruments

Christopher Riddle - ISO 17025 caliper calibration Christopher Riddle
calibration technician

With a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology and Telecommunications Chris joined DMM in 2009.

He has 7 years of experience in metrology and works in the Calibration lab. In Dec 2009 he was successful in completing the ASQ Certified Calibration Technician exam. In Feb 2013 has sucesfuly completed training in use of Geomet 301, a widely used CMM Software package.

His other interests are being a Soccer Referee and playing Chess and Golf.

American Society for Quality

Helmel - Coordinate Measuring Machines

Fritz Engler - Flow Meter Calibration

Fritz Engler
flow measurement specialist

Fritz has been working as a Contractor with DMM since 1997.

After graduating from University of Toronto Fritz held several positions in the environmental laboratory and water/wastewater engineering field during his professional career. Quality assurance and control were always critical elements of his work.

He has taken many professional development courses in measurement science (e.g. Instrument Society of America, Controlotron Corp.) and also taught in environmental training courses for many years.

He co-authored a book entitled Instrumentation & Computer Integration of Water Utility Operations (1994) by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation.

He is our Flow Measurement specialist, but he is also involved as a consultant at the municipal and industrial levels in this field.

Klaus Greve - Surface Plate Calibration

Klaus Greve
senior onsite calibration specialist
and service engineer

Klaus is affiliated with DMM for many years.

He has extensive experience with various machines including CMM, Video Machines, machine tools, Digital Readout Systems, Optical Comparators, Laser Systems, etc. During his extensive career he had been actively involved in calibrating and servicing these machines. He was trained by a variety of manufactures such as Mitutoyo, Micro Vu, Heidenhain, Acurite, Optodyne, to name a few.

He is our onsite calibration service specialist for mechanical, electronic, electrical and dimensional.

Bassant Gobin

Bassant Gobin
senior calibration
and precision measurement specialist

With a background in Electronics Bass started his career in Metrology in 1975.

In 1982 he started his own business Demtech which in 1989 was changed to its present name DMM (Digital Measurement Metrology, Inc.). His list of achievements are too long to be shown here.

Just recently DMM launched Shimana instruments - the new name in measurement.

His main responsibilities include being the President and Founder, also acting as Chief Executive Officer. In the year 2007 he was invited by 21st Century Business TV program to appear on television to discuss metrology and its impact on manufacturing.

When he is not busy solving measurement problems for our clients he likes to take some time off to do cross country marathons. Other interests include reading, health promotion, running for various charities, breast cancer, sick kids and many others.


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