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Chatillon® LTCM-500 Series

Motorized Force Tester

The CHATILLON® LTCM-500 Series is an economical, motorized tester ideal for production environments, research & development laboratories and quality functions. The LTCM 500 may be used for tensile, compression, peel, and flexural testing when combined with a Chatillon DF Series force gauge.

A large working area and 5-inch (130mm) throat is perfect for large sample testing. The platform features pre-drilled holes for custom fixturing or for use with Chatillon fixtures. The crosshead travel is selectable in either inches per minute or millimeters per minute. The speed range is 0.2 to 20 inches/min (5 to 500 mm/min). A dial is used to set the speed requirement and a digital display indicates the speed selected to 0.1 resolution. Crosshead travel is 29 inches 750mm). An Up and Down switch is used to control crosshead travel direction. A simple switch setting can be used to reverse crosshead speed direction at maximum speed at the completion of a test. An emergency stop is located on the console for easy access. Mechanical limits may be set to stop crosshead travel at a specified position. Rules are provided on the front face and crosshead face of the column for accurate placement and for measuring extension. Positive braking ensures a precise stop.


Chatillon LTCM 500 Series Motorized Test Stand - Front View


550 lbf (2500N)

Tensile, Compressive, Peel & Flexural Testing
Compact, Benchtop Design
Simple Operation with Intuitive Controls
- Crosshead Direction
- Return Speed
- Speed Selection
- Emergency Stop
- On/Off
Load Limits with Positive Braking
Large Working Area and Throat for Large Samples
Selectable Display with Digital Speed Readout
- Inches per Minute
- Millimeters per Minute
T-Slot Fixturing for Fast, Easy Testing
Options include Splinter Shield & Footswitch Operation
2 Year Warranty
Capacity: 550 lbf (2500N)
Crosshead Speed: 0.2 to 20 in/min (5 to 500 mm/min)
Speed Accuracy: +3% (No Load)
Travel: 29-inches (750mm)
Load Measurement: Chatillon Force Gauge
Supply Voltage: 110/230Vac
Operating Temperature: 40°F to 110°F (5°C to 45°C)
Weight: 100 lbs (45.5 kg) approx.




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LTCM-500 Features
Easy Operation
  • On/Off Switch
    The LTCM-500 features a switchable power supply that can be adjusted for 115Vac or 230Vac source power. The tester’s On/Off switch is located conveniently on the top of the console.
  • Emergency Stop Switch
    The Emergency Stop Switch is located on the top of the console, away from the crosshead or any moving parts. Depress the emergency switch to immediately stop the crosshead travel.
  • LED Display
    The high resolution, LCD segment display indicates travel speed, when a Load Limit has been achieved and diagnostic codes.
  • Units of Measure Status Indicators
    The LTCM-500 can indicate speed in units per minute or mm per minute. A status indicator shows the speed unit associated with the displayed speed rate.
  • Simple and Accurate Speed Control
    The LTCM-500 console controls are intuitive and easy to use. Users can specify speed in either inches per minute or millimeters per minute. The speed control knob is used to adjust speed from 0.2 to 20.0 in/min or 0.5 to 500 mm/min. Speed accuracy is better than 3%. The Up and Down key is used to control crosshead direction.
  • Independent Return Speed
    A separate return speed switch can be positioned so that the crosshead returns to zero at maximum speed or at the speed indicated by the display.
  • Adjustable Deflection Limits
    Deflection limit switches are supplied on the front of the column. The column contains increments in inches and millimeters for positioning the limit switches and for measuring sample deflection. Position and “lock-in” a High and Low deflection limit to protect your gauge from overload conditions or for ending your test at a distance traveled. The crosshead travels up to 29-inches (750mm).
  • Load Limits
    When used with a Chatillon DF Series force gauge, the LTCM 500 Series Test Stand can make use of the force gauge’s limit outputs. When the force gauge measures a load limit (high or low), the gauge will send a command to the LTCM-500 that causes the tester’s crosshead to stop traveling. This permits automated testing using load limits and helps prevent load sensor overload conditions. The display will indicate a Load Limit condition.

LTCM-500 - Front Panel Controls

LTCM 500 with optional splinter screen
Excellent Performance
Easy Operation
  • Production or Laboratory Environment
    The LTCM-500’s rugged construction and simple operation make it ideal for production environments, laboratory applications or for R&D applications. Combine with a Chatillon DFS Series force gauge and you have a force measurement system with a load accuracy of better than 0.1% full scale. The tester is ideal for tensile, compression, peel, shear, and flexural testing when used with the appropriate grips/fixtures.
  • Long Crosshead Travel
    The crosshead travel distance is 29 inches (750mm), ideal for testing large samples or samples with high elastic properties.
  • Large Working Area
    The LTCM-500 features are large working area capable of securing samples up to 10-inches in diameter. The crosshead throat is greater than 5-inches (127mm).
  • Flexible Fixturing
    The crosshead has been optimized for use with Chatillon DF Series digital forces gauges. The DFE and DFS Series mount directly to the crosshead without special adapters. The work surface features 13 individual mounting holes (5/16-18) for installing grips or special fixtures.
  • Mechanical Splinter Screen
    The LTCM 500 may be equipped with an optional splinter screen. The splinter screen mounts easily to the LTCM-500 column and base assembly. A hinged door ensures quick and easy access to your sample. The splinter shield is made of clear Lexan.
LTCM 500 Flexible Mounting Options LTCM 500 Simple Mounting Block LTCM 500 Footswitch Controller
Flexible Mounting Options
The LTCM500 features a T-slot base that provides you with a variety of options for securing your sample during a test. A special mounting block contains different thread sizes to accommodate a wide assortment of fixtures, grips and accessories. The mounting block may be positioned within the T-Slot base to ensure proper sample alignment.
Simple Mounting Block
Remote-type load sensors, such as the Chatillon SLC Load Sensor, are easily affixed to the LTCM500 crosshead with an optional mounting block. The mounting block has multiple thread patterns that fit 10-32F, 1/4-28F, 1/2-20F sensors.
Footswitch Controller
The LTCM-500 may be used with our optional footswitch controller. The controller plugs directly into the LTCM-500 and allows the user to control crosshead travel with a simple foot pedal. The footswitch is ideal for repetitive testing and provides added security for the operator. Cable is 8.33 ft. (100 inches).



PRODUCT INFORMATION (Specification sheets)

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