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Chatillon® TCD110 Series

Digital Force Tester

The CHATILLON® TCD110 Series is an advanced force testing system optimized for production, quality control and engineering applications. The TCD110 Series is designed for low force applications. It is particularly well-suited for medical device applications where precision control and high accuracy are required. Combine with our food texture fixtures, it is an excellent solution for food texture analysis.

  • Medical Device

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Food Texture Analysis

  • Springs

  • Adhesives

  • Textiles


Chatillon TCD110





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- 110 lbf
- 50 kgf
- 500 N



TCD110 - TCD225
Specification Comparison

The TCD System consists of

  • a powerful, yet easy-to-use console;

  • a rugged frame with high performance, closed-loop motion control;

  • and an intelligent load sensing system with measuring accuracies better than 0.1% full scale.

The TCD console features a high resolution color graphical display featuring menus, function and numeric keys and status indicators that assist the user in setup, operation and analysis. Information may be displayed in large-format tabular and graphical formats for easy viewing.


The TCD110 frame operates from 0.001 to 20.0-inches per minute (0.02 to 510 mm/minute) and employs an advanced closed-loop PID controller for precision travel (accuracy better than 0.25% unloaded), ideal for applications such as spring testing where exact distance control is required.


The TCD System permits the user to measure heights based on a datum or absolute position. Deflection compensation is standard. Standard test setups for load limits, distance limits, time limits, break tests, rupture tests, cycling and loop tests are included. No computer software is necessary.


TCD 110 Features:

  • Advanced Yet Simple to Use Test Setups
    • Limit Testing (Load, Distance, Time)
    • Break Testing
    • Cyclic & Loop Testing
    • Multi-Stage/User Defined Testing
    • Height Measurement
  • Advanced Operator Control Console
    • Simple Operation with Menus, Templates & Prompts
    • Secure Access
    • Tabular and Graphical Results
    • Embedded SPC
    • Ergonomic Design, Position for User Comfort
    • Large, Color Display
    • No Computer Required


  • PID Closed-Loop Motion Control
    • Precision Position Accuracy
    • Speed Accuracy Better than 1%
  • 1000Hz Data Sampling and USB Output
    • Save Data to Flash Drive
    • Export Data Directly to Excel or OLE2 Formats
  • Large Working Area
    • Ideal for Large and Small Samples
    • T-Slot Table Design Supports Custom Fixturing
  • Barcode Automatic Operation
  • 1 Year Warranty


TCD 110 Digital Tester Specs:
Load Capacity - 110 lbf
- 50 kgf
- 500 N
Load Measurement Accuracy better than 0.1% Full Scale
Speed Accuracy Better than 1% Full Scale
Distance Accuracy Better than 0.25% of reading unloaded
Crosshead Travel 15-inch (380mm)
Data Sampling - 1000Hz
- User Selectable Sampling/Filters (1-1000 Hz)
Operating Temperature 0°F to 130°F (5°C to 45°C)
Weight 65 lbs (30 kg)

TCD110 Dimensions

Plug & Play Sensors

The TCD System uses our exclusive Chatillon TLC Series sensor technology. Sensors plug into the TCD Console and the console recognizes and automatically downloads all sensor characteristics. There are also safe guards that can help prevent an operator from using the incorrect sensor on a particular test. Plus the TCD System maintains a load history within memory and can display time-stamped overload events. Seven sensors ranging from 250g (0.5 lb) to 225 lb (100 kg) are available. These same load sensors can also be interchanged with the Chatillon DFS-R-ND Series force gauges. Sensors come standard with a certificate of calibration with NIST data and uncertainty. They can be calibrated to better than 0.1% full scale or 0.5% of indicated reading when calibrated on-site in accordance with ASTM E4 or ISO 7500-1.

Precision Crosshead Control
An innovative thumbwheel is ideal for setting up your fixturing. Rotating the thumbwheel causes the crosshead to move upward/downward. Rotate the thumbwheel slowly and the crosshead moves slowly. Rotate fast and the crosshead moves fast, up to 50 inches (1270mm) per minute.

Over-Travel Limits
Dual over-travel limits, located on the front console, help prevent crosshead overshooting and sensor overloads. A graduated rule along the column can be used to preset these limits to specific distances.

Pinch Load Limits
The TCD System features a Pinch Load capability that allows you to enter a load value up to 15 lbf (7 kgf). When the machine is operated manually using the thumbwheel or DOWN key, the crosshead will stop moving when the system measures the pinch load value. This helps protect the user during a manual move.

Flexible Mounting
The TCD System’s T-slot table contains multiple standard through holes for mounting various types of threaded fixtures and eye-end adapters. The fixture mounting block can be easily positioned to ensure proper alignment with the load measuring sensor.

We Speak Your Language
The TCD Console features multiple languages so your operators can perform tests and setups in the language they are most comfortable using.


PRODUCT INFORMATION (Specification sheets)

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