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Digital Gauge DFM

(100lbf, 500N)

Digital Gauge DFIS

(500lbf, 2.5kN)

Digital Gauge DFT

(500lbf, 2.5kN)

Digital Gauge DFGS

(100lbf, 500kN)

DFGS-R (Remote loadcell)

(1000lbf, 5kN)

DFGS-R-ND (Remote, non-dedicated loadcell)

(10,000lbf, 50kN)

Digital Gauge DFA

(500lbf, 2.5kN)


(Remote loadcell)

(1000lbf, 5kN)


(Remote, non-dedicated loadcell)

(10,000lbf, 50kN)



Digital Torque Gauge DTG

(100lbs, 1000N-cm)





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