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Digital Measurement Metrology Laboratory (DMML)


Digital Measurement Metrology Type II Laboratory is accredited to ISO:17025-2005 by A2LA. It was designed from the ground up, using state of the art technology.

Our hands-off approach, reproducibility and skilled, continuously trained, technical personnel, guaranties the achievement of lower uncertainties. This is very useful to clients needing confidence to accomplish tolerance levels for manufacturing. We also train other associates and customers to compute uncertainty for testing or calibration.

DMML specializes in dimensional measurements (i.e. length up to 30 metres), force measurement technologies, torque, mass, temperature, pressure, electronics and flow.


We have implemented fully certified automated force measurement solutions for a number of companies. SPC reports are generated, completely hands-off, and data can be supplied to end users without further validation.


We also offer on-site calibrations, for flow, temperature and pressure, large machine tools, surface plates, torque and many other types of calibration. With the quality of work that DMML offers, we receive almost no customer complaints. The proof is in the hands of our clients. We sincerely thank them for their confidence in our work.


Micro-inch measurements demand special environmental conditions. DMML's facility is assessed and calibrated to exceed the requirements of the calibration standards (Federal Standards 209E).

20 C 0.5 temperature
particle count 10,000 particles/sq.meter,
23 air changes/hr.
Relative Humidity @ 40-55%


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 Digital Measurement Metrology Laboratory

Digital Measurement Metrology LaboratoryDigital Measurement Metrology Laboratory


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We are a Canadian Calibration Lab
offering ISO 17025 accredited calibration services

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