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AMETEK Calibration instruments release JOFRACAL v4.0 also for pressure
July 2008


AMETEK have recently upgraded their JOFRACAL software product. You can now use JOFRACAL with JOFRA Temperature or Pressure calibrators.

This is a great feature and means that you can optimize your operations without changing software or equipment.

  • you can get the software at no charge from AMETEK web site
  • it's easy to upgrade to the new JOFRACAL version

This new version is capable of performing pressure calibration as well as temperature calibration. JOFRACAL software controls the complete calibration procedure, stores the results and provides a calibration audit trail through hard-copy certificates. All calibration data are stored for each sensor to monitor drift and optimise recalibration intervals. A scheduler feature allows planning of future calibrations.
JOFRACAL can now be used with JOFRA DPC-500, APC, CPC and IPI pressure calibrators, all JOFRA temperature calibrators, as well as JOFRA AMC900, ASC300 multi signal calibrators and the ASM-800 signal multi scanner. When used with JOFRA ASM-800 signal multi scanner, JOFRACAL can perform a simultaneous automatic calibration on up to 24 pressure or temperature devices at the same time.

JOFRA APC, CPC, IPI, ASC300, AMC900, and ASM-801/803 units can all be used for online calibration. JOFRA APC, CPC and IPI can be used as a pressure reference and JOFRA ASC300 and AMC900 can be used as a pressure reference when an APM pressure module is connected. The JOFRA APC and CPC are excellent for calibrating pressure switches. The JOFRA DPC-500 documenting pressure calibrator can be used for offline calibration. Work orders created in JOFRACAL can be downloaded to the DPC-500. Results produced on the DPC-500, either from JOFRACAL work orders or from the DPC-500 itself, can be imported back into JOFRACAL and produced as a certificate. Calibration procedures and results are stored in a user-friendly database which features search and sort facilities. Current DPC-500 users will automatically be supplied with the new software.

JOFRACAL v4.0 Features

  • Calibration of all JOFRA temperature, pressure and signal calibrators equipped with an RS232 interface.
  • Various screens provide easy-to-read information and instructions.
  • Combined with JOFRA ASM signal multi-scanners JOFRACAL enables calibration of up to 24 sensors at the same time
  • Graphical presentation allows quick overview of calibration results. Both online and on certificates.
  • Calibration procedures and results are stored in a user-friendly database including searching and sorting facilities.
  • A scheduler function makes it possible to plan future calibrations; list the tag, location, and calibration due date for the instrument.

AMETEK Calibration Instruments are distributed in Canada by Digital Measurement Metrology, Inc. For complete info, specs and price please visit the JOFRA instruments section on our website.

For further enquiries please contact Digital Measurement Metrology,
Canada distributors for AMETEK (Jofra) Calibration Instruments.

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