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Chatillon DFX Digital Force Gauge Launched
August 2007


Chatillon has announced the launch of the DFX Force Gauge Series, created to serve those applications where the customer is only interested in peak tension or peak compression measurements. The DFX Series is for those applications that don't need data storage, statistics, load limits, measurement accuracy greater than 0.5% (the DFE accuracy is +0.25% of full scale), digital or analog outputs, RS232 communications or a Certificate of Calibration (because our Distributors can provide that for them). The DFX Series could be associated more with the older Chatillon DFM Series, except it has better peak measurement accuracy due to 1000Hz sampling and a host of improved features.

  • The DFX Series is a battery operated gauge. It uses two 9Vdc alkaline batteries for power for over 120 hours of continuous use. Or, the DFX Series may be used with a battery eliminator accessory, provided standard. The battery eliminator can plug into any 120/240Vac source outlet and comes with three different plug configurations for USA, UK and EURO style outlets.
  • The DFX Series has a 30-minute automatic power shutdown feature that will prolong battery life. The user may choose to turn this feature on or off.
  • The DFX Series has a measurement accuracy of better than 0.5% of full scale.
  • The DFX Series uses new load sensors, and like the DF Series, displays overload history and an overload warning when the measured load is greater than 116% of the rated capacity.
  • The DFX Series has the same type of high resolution display as the DF Series, except you'll note that the displayed information is presented in larger type for easier reading. We have added load direction arrows and eliminated the negative sign to distinguish between tensile and compressive loads. The load indicator arrows are dynamic and display only when a load is being applied to the sensor.
  • The DFX Series is available in four capacities: 10 lbf, 50 lbf, 100 lbf and 200 lbf. Like the DF Series, the DFX Series has selectable units of measurement: ozf, gf, lbf, kgf or N. The units of measurement may be "locked" to prevent the user from changing the units while in operation.
  • The DFX Series has user-selectable display languages. The display may be configured to read out in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Chinese (Mandarin). The user manual is also provide in these languages.
  • The DFX Series comes with a Certificate of Conformance, flat adapter, hook adapter, protective carrying case and battery eliminator. All DF Series accessories will fit the DFX Series force gauge, including the medical accessories: FCEK and MSCK kits. The DFX Series is not yet classified as a Class II Medical Device as are the FCE and MSC models. We will begin the formal process of FDA compliance within the next couple of weeks.
  • The DFX Series housing dimensions are identical to the DF Series, so it uses the same tester adapters for mounting to the MT Series, LTCM Series or TCM Series. Mounts directly to the LTCM Series without adapters- an excellent, low-cost force measurement testing system. Capacities of 100 lbf or below feature a #10-32 thread, while the 200 lbf capacity features a 5/16-18 thread. All DF handle assemblies fit the DFX Series.
  • The DFX Series keypad has been simplified to include a Mode, Peak and Zero key. The Info ("i") key is used for gauge information and for gauge setup. Press Zero at any time during gauge setup to escape to home. And, we have added an LBF capacity label on all DFX Series so you can determine the capacity of the gauge without having to turn the gauge On.

The Chatillon DFX is intended for applications where simplicity, lower accuracy and cost are paramount. The DFE will remain the choice for customers who need greater accuracy and some of the more advanced features such as Load Limits, Pass-Fail Results, and Statistical Calculations. Of course, the E-DFE Series offers the customer the added features of serial data communications via RS232 protocol.

For further enquiries please contact Digital Measurement Metrology,
Canada distributors for Chatillon Force Instruments.

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