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Chatillon TCD 110 Series Digital Tester Launched
June 2008


AMETEK/Chatillon is pleased to announce the release for sale of the new Chatillon TCD 110 Series digital tester (110 lbf/500N), an advanced, stand-alone force testing system designed for low force applications in production, quality control and engineering applications.

Chatillon TCD110

TCD 110 Digital Tester Specs
Load Capacity - 110 lbf
- 50 kgf
- 500 N
Load Measurement Accuracy better than 0.1% Full Scale
Speed Accuracy Better than 1% Full Scale
Distance Accuracy Better than 0.25% of reading unloaded
Crosshead Travel 15-inch (380mm)
Data Sampling - 1000Hz
- User Selectable Sampling/Filters (1-1000 Hz)
Operating Temperature 0F to 130F (5C to 45C)
Weight 65 lbs (30 kg)

The TCD110 shares the same TCD Console and the operation of the system is identical to
the TCD225 System. The main differences are the frames capacity, speed and travel length. All accuracies are identical to the TCD225 System. For more info please see our TCD110/TCD225 comparison chart.

TCD 110 is distributed in Canada by Digital Measurement Metrology, Inc. For complete info, specs and price please visit the Chatillon TCD110 Force Tester page.

For further enquiries please contact Digital Measurement Metrology,
Canada distributors for Chatillon Force Instruments.

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