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Chatillon TCD 225 Series Digital Tester Launched
January 2008


AMETEK/Chatillon is pleased to announce the Release for Sale of the all-new Chatillon TCD 225 Series digital tester (225 lbf/1000N), an advanced, stand-alone force testing system optimized for production, quality control and engineering applications.

It features a rugged frame with high-performance, closed-loop motion control and an intelligent load sensing system with measuring accuracies better than 0.1% full scale. Standard test setups include load limits, distance limits, time limits, break tests, rupture tests, cycling and loop tests, while an innovative multi-stage testing function allows customer test set-ups to be created with no external PC control or software. The TCD 225 force tester also contains Chinese and Korean language display options as standard.

Testing Has Never Been Easier
The TCD 225 tester has been optimized for the production environment. It features sophisticated firmware that allows you to perform virtually any type of test WITHOUT a personal computer or software. With the TCD225, you can perform any of the following test types:

  • Load Limit Test
  • Distance/Deflection/Time Limit Test
  • Load Average Test
  • Break Test
  • Rupture Test
  • Cycle Test
  • Loop Test
  • Creep Test
  • Load Hold Test

Chatillon TCD225

TCD 225 Digital Tester Specs
Load Capacity - 225 lbf
- 100 kgf
- 1 kN
Load Measurement Accuracy better than 0.1% Full Scale
Speed Accuracy Better than 1% Full Scale
Distance Accuracy Better than 0.25% of reading unloaded
Crosshead Travel 20-inch (500mm)
Data Sampling - 1000Hz
- User Selectable Sampling/Filters (1-1000 Hz)
Operating Temperature 40F to 110F (5C to 45C)
Weight 72 lbs (33 kg)
Complete specs for TCD 225

TCD 225 Features

  • Advanced Yet Simple to Use Test Setups
    • Limit Testing (Load, Distance, Time)
    • Break Testing
    • Cyclic & Loop Testing
    • Multi-Stage/User Defined Testing
    • Height Measurement
  • Advanced Operator Control Console
    • Simple Operation with Menus, Templates & Prompts
    • Secure Access
    • Tabular and Graphical Results
    • Embedded SPC
    • Ergonomic Design, Position for User Comfort
    • Large, Color Display
    • No Computer Required
  • PID Closed-Loop Motion Control
    • Precision Position Accuracy
    • Speed Accuracy Better than 1%
  • 1000Hz Data Sampling and USB Output
    • Save Data to Flash Drive
    • Export Data Directly to Excel or OLE2 Formats
  • Large Working Area
    • Ideal for Large and Small Samples
    • T-Slot Table Design Supports Custom Fixturing
  • Barcode Automatic Operation
  • 1 Year Warranty

TCD 225 Product Description

The Chatillon TCD 225 tester replaces the TCM201 Series and TCD200 Series testers. The TCM201 is no longer available. The TCD200 is limited availability. The TCD225 is the first of three new testers that AMETEK will be introducing in the next few months. In February we will be releasing the TCD110 (110 lbf/500 N) machine. And in March, we will be releasing the TCD1100 (1100 lbf/5000 N) machine.

TCD 225 is distributed in Canada by Digital Measurement Metrology, Inc. For complete info, specs and price please visit the Chatillon TCD225 Force Tester page.

Chatillon TCD 225 Full Borchure (pdf)

For further enquiries please contact Digital Measurement Metrology,
Canada distributors for Chatillon Force Instruments.

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