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Introducing the Chatillon LTCM 500 Series Motorized Tester
October 2006


ChatillonDigital Measurement Metrology, Inc.,  the Chatillon Stocking Distributor for Canada is pleased to announce the Release for Sale of the all-new Chatillon LTCM 500 Series motorized tester.

LTCM 500 has a 550 lbf (2500N) load capacity with a 29.5-inch (750mm) crosshead travel length. Like the LTCM-100, the LTCM-500 has been designed for production environments with a simple-to-use console, extended 5-inch (mm) throat for handling
larger samples, and an adjustable speed control capability from 0.5 to 20.0 inch per minute (5 to 510 mm per minute).

Standard T-Slot Work Table
The LTCM-500 comes standard with a new T-Slot design work area. The T-Slot includes a special fixturing mounting block. The mounting block has four different holes sizes allowing a variety of grips & fixtures to be used.

Optional Extended Work Table
The LTCM-500 may be equipped with the optional extended work table. Similar in size to the standard work table used on the LTCM-100, this expanded work table contains 13 pre-drilled 1/4-28F mounting holes. The work table is made of aluminum.

Remote Sensor Adapter Block
The Remote Sensor Adapter Block is another LTCM 500 option. The Remote Sensor Adapter Block mounts directly to the LTCM-500 crosshead when the application uses remote-style SLC Series load sensors.

Footswitch Operation
The LTCM 500 crosshead may be controlled using the optional footswitch controller. The controller plugs directly into the LTCM-500 console back panel. The footswitch has two pedals: one moves the crosshead up; one moves the crosshead down. Simple to use and ideal for repetitive testing applications. The Footswitch Controller cable length is 100-inches (2.5m).

Splinter Shield
The LTCM 500 may be equipped with an optional splinter shield designed to contain test samples during testing. The splinter shield is made of 1/4-inch Lexan. A piano hinged door allows easy access to the testing fixture. The splinter shield mounts to the column and T-slot base. There are no electrical interlocks with the splinter shield.


For further enquiries please contact Digital Measurement Metrology,
Canada distributors for Chatillon.

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