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NEXYGENPlus Launched
August 2006


Materials Testing Software: NEXYGENPlus LogoLLOYD Instruments has developed new Materials Testing Software for its range of materials testing machines, which further simplifies the user interface for unfamiliar users yet expands the range of tests and reporting functions.

Expanded range of tests and reporting functions. Known as Nexygen Plus, the software allows an opening page which can be reduced to a single prompt to start testing, to avoid any potential confusion for unfamiliar users. At the same time, experienced users can peel layers from the onion to create test methods from AS, ASTM, ISO or other standards, or to modify these tests to meet special requirements they may have. It is highly intuitive, and removes the apprehension which users sometimes find when their usage pattern is infrequent. A running record of statistics, including Statistical Process Control (SPC) information is always available in the background should it be required. Reports on batches or single samples may be automatically exported to Excel, Word or other formats. Saved data across a range of files and test methods can be interrogated to identify trends and themes.

Materials Testing Software: NexygenPLUS Main Screen

NexygenPlus has been fully approved under the international TickIT standard for software traceability and validity, and incorporates GLP practice in all areas making it suitable for pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and medical applications. There is no need for extra modules for extra requirements, the basic package has full functionality.

When combined with the highly reliable range of Lloyd and Davenport materials testing instruments, Nexygen Plus provides the ideal solution for materials testing requirements across a wide range of applications.


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