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ONDIO Application Builder Software allows custom testing and for standard NEXYGEN setups to be modified. ONDIO software is based upon the VBScript programming language. ONDIO presents configurable parameters in three steps:

Step 1 - Establishing Your Test Parameters
ONDIO software allows you define specific parameters such as; machine direction, preload, area, break, auto zero/return, etc.

Step 2 - Primary Script
The primary script is used to define how the software will operate at the start and end of the test. It will determine how the machine moves, when readings are taken and what results are presented using simple scripting commands.

Step 3 - Secondary Script
The secondary script defines how your results will be used. It can be used to post "markers" at specific points on your trace to denote key characteristics, or you can program the software to react at the break point of a sample; i.e. to measure the extension at break.




Expands NEXYGEN FM and MT application packages
Simple and Intuitive using VBScripting language
- English Language Syntax
- Automatic Syntax checking
- Advanced Results Calculations
- Preconditions
- Automatic Scaling of Results
- Does not require previous programming experience
Ideal for complex testing involving:
- Multiple stages
- Cycle testing
- Tests involving load rate and load hold stages
- User-defined results calculations
ISO TickIT certified



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