Ψ300 Digital Profile Projector

SHGXOC071 can measure punching pieces, gears, cams, threads and templates with complicated shapes by profile comparative and coordinates measurement. As a kind of convenient, high efficient and common optical measuring instrument it is used widely by those large-scale industries of machinery, watch-making, electron, instrument and meter, science and research institute. Besides, it also service for some inspection stations together with measuring room of measuring department, including aviation and space-flight industries.
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product features
• Large travel worktable
• Two-kinds of illumination (high and low level) can meet the measuring requirements of various work pieces
• Non-spherical surface illumination system is processed by special technique which makes view field be symmetrical & clear and guarantee a higher accuracy
• Axial flow fans heat are used to dissipate heat from two directions
• Small bulk, low weight, so it’s very easy to move around
• Long-life illuminating bulb can meet long time purposes
• RS232 output port can connect with computer

Digital Profile Projector

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