Digital Measurement Metrology is pleased to announce the launch of our new state-of-the-art model:

Shimana Digital Durometer DD4-SHDD9654

The Shimana Digital Durometer DD4-SHDD9654 is the latest hardness tester manufactured by our company. This digital durometer comes with modern features, and is the ideal instrument for lab use.
With its new computer connection, the durometer connects to your computer trough RS232 interface or USB port.


Shimana Digital Durometer DD4-SHDD9654 accesories

Process instruments ready for sale in Canada

Besides selling durometers, our target is to sell in Canada high quality process instruments representing major manufactures like Chatillon, DeFelsk, Fluke, Mecmesin, Mitutoyo, Quest Technologies, Reed, Rex Gauge, Shimana, Shimpo, Starrett

Digital Measurement Metrology has been serving Canada since 2004. Based out of Brampton-Missisauga area we offer on-site or in lab instrument calibrations for process instruments such hardness testers, force gauges, durometers, surface gauges and testers, sound level meters and more…