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DMM Introduces New Low Cost High Accuracy Video Measuring Systems

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Video measuring systems utilize optical measuring and computer-aided image processing technology to measure the sizes and shapes of various workpieces, such as precision instruments and electronic parts, automatically and precisely. These systems accomplish sophisticated measurements by using a CCD camera to detect the edges of workpieces, then allow various data processing procedures to be applied to these captured images.


Shimana Compact Video Measuring Machine

It can be effectively test profile, surface shape, angle and location of various complex work pieces, especially in microscopic test and quality control of precision part. The  Systems are widely used in electronics, measuring instrument, cutter, precision machine element, precision hardware, electronic component, rubber and finished rubber product, semiconductor component, the punching piece, mould producing, cars, machine manufacturing, military industry, space industry, universities, institutions etc, and in different measuring departments and inspecting in factories.
Video measuring system

Shimana Intensifier-Type Video Measurement Systems

The Video measuring systems can effectively test the profile, surface shape, size, angle and position of various complex work pieces. This machine is suitable for the fields pf products development, converse engineering, quality inspection etc, such as water parts, electronic connector assembly, hardware punching pieces and circuit boards.
Video measuring system
These Video Measuring Machines are sold in Canada by Digital Measurement Metrology. To place an order please visit our Video Inspection Systems section.

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