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DMM Introduces Low Cost High Precision Profile Projection Optical Comparators

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Profile Projectors are efficient optical measuring instruments which are easy to operate and maintain, suitable to measure various work-pieces with complicated profiles and surfaces. Looking to buy an used or brand new profile projector (shadowgraph) in Canada? Look no further!


SHGXOC072 Vertical Profile Projector

This Digital Profile Projector can effectively test several of work-pieces with complex shapes, such as templates punching pieces, cams, gears, threads by profile comparative and coordinates measuring ways. It is widely used in different measuring departments and inspection stations of following industries: machinery, watch-making, electron, instrument & meter, science & research institute, etc, including space-flight & aviation industry.
Digital Profile Projector

SHGXOC071 Horizontal Profile Projector

This profile projector can measure punching pieces, gears, cams, threads and templates with complicated shapes by profile comparative and coordinates measurement. As a kind of convenient, high efficient and common optical measuring instrument it is used widely by those large-scale industries of machinery, watch-making, electron, instrument and meter, science and research institute. Besides, it also service for some inspection stations together with measuring room of measuring department, including aviation and space-flight industries.
Digital Profile Projector
These Optical Profile Projectors are sold in Canada by Digital Measurement Metrology. To place an order please visit our Optical Comparators section.

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